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Lake Saint Louis Sewer Improvement Program

The Lake Saint Louis Sewer Improvement Program is a long-term capital improvement project to upgrade or relocate approximately eight miles of sanitary sewer mains that currently run underneath or adjacent to both Lakes St. Louis and St. Louise.  It is a proactive solution to address the area’s aging sewer system and to protect the environment and quality of life in the Lake St. Louis community today and in the future.  Public Water Supply District #2 of St. Charles County, along with our consultants, is leading this project.

Without this preemptive approach, the sewer mains will continue to age and could develop unsafe and costly leaks or breaks – or ultimately fail.  As the centerpiece of the community, both Lake St. Louis and Lake St. Louise are critical to the area’s quality of life, property values, and economic development.  This project will help to ensure the lakes remain safe and fun for years to come.

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Project Updates:

Update 1 (June 2014)

Update 2 (November 2014)

Update 3 (February 2015)

Update 4 (April 2015)

Update 5 (May 2015) – B&V Peer Review Scope

Update 6 (June 2015)

Update 7 (July 2015)

Update 8 (July 2015) – B&V Peer Review Mid-Point Report

Update 9 (August 2015) – B&V Peer Review Mid-Point Presentation

Update 10 (September 2015)

Update 11 (September 2015)

Update 12 (October 2015) – B&V 90% Peer Review Presentation – B&V 90& Peer Review Report

Update 13 (November 2015) – B&V Final Peer Review Report

Update 14 (April 2016)

Inspection Community Update #1

Inspection Community Update #2

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Inspection Community Update #4

Inspection Community Update #5

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Henke Lift Station Force Main Upgrades, Phase 1

The Henke Lift Station currently pumps into a 16-inch ductile iron force main that runs along Lake Saint Louis Boulevard and up Charlemagne Drive to the O’Fallon Hills Subdivision, where it deposits into City of O’Fallon gravity sewers.  In order to increase the pumping capacity of the station, the District is planning upgrades to the main.  Phase 1 of the project will upgrade the force main to 24-inch PVC from just south of Charlemagne to new O’Fallon gravity sewer to be built north of Highway 70.  Phase 2 will upgrade the remainder of the force main.  Phase 1 is scheduled to begin construction in 2017.

Lakewood Lift Station

The existing Lakewood Lift Station at Lakewood Park is an emergency lift station that operates only during high flows.  Even with the station operating, some area manholes still experience overflows in times of exceedingly high flow.  Construction of a new collector station will take flow away from the under-lake sewer system where the existing lines are below capacity and should alleviate the current overflow problems.

Weldon Springs Booster Pump Station

One of the District’s pumping stations located near Weldon Springs pumps water from the District’s water treatment plant to the distribution system. The pumping station was built in the early 1940s and is becoming increasingly inefficient.  Construction of a replacement station is complete.  

Standby Emergency Generator Connections

Portable generator quick connection improvements have been installed at three District-owned wastewater treatment plants.  These quick connections will allow quicker and safer back up power generation in the event of a prolonged power outage.

Stump Road Water Main Replacement

The District has bid the replacement of an existing 10-inch PVC water main along Stump Road with a new 16-inch ductile iron main.  The new 16-inch main will allow for more flow to be conveyed north to the O’Fallon area.  Construction of the new main is scheduled to begin this winter.